The most exciting thing about ScentRealm is that we can not only equip all the digital or virtual products with advanced technology developed by our self, but also enrich user experience by combining our technology with traditional products. Namely, our technology can be applied in various occasions, no matter it is in virtual world or in everyday life.

Theoretically speaking, our technology and product are able to precisely reproduce every smell a substance produces. In the foreseeable future, we are able to transmit smells in a convenient and instant way as a fax machine does with texts.

In the field of Digital Scent Technology, we have been able to perform the coding and decoding tasks of the smells and transmit them instantly in a certain way. These technologies are going to bring a more perfect experience to the users.

We have found a method to classify all the smells through its fundamentality and established a huge database of odors. Also, innovative technology has enabled us to realize the digitization, network transmission and terminal display of various scents.

We developed a new smell-preserve nanometer multihole material and solved the problem of scent preservation with sealed construction; we incorporated a special runner structure design in our product to fit different application scenarios; we adopted DSP chip, high polymer material and APP/API system to precisely remote control the scent in a fixed time and amount.

Currently, we are applying for more than 30 patents. And Zhejiang Technology Agent Certifying Committee has authorized our core technology as “international leading technology”.


Industrial Application

After almost 5 years of innovation in the field of Digital Scent Technology, we have been able to achieve odor information digitalization, network transmission and terminal reproduction through Sensitive Sensor Array, Signal Processing System, Mode Recognition System.

We have created a “Digital Scent Dictionary” and a unique coding and code checking technology, which enable us to reproduce certain smells and apply them to suitable business environments. By the authority of quality inspection certification institution, the material we use to reproduce smells has been proved to be safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly. However, in some of the special occasions, we haven’t been able to anticipate the side-effects (including physiological, psychological and ethical) the material would bring to human body.

We have been trying to combine Digital Scent Technology and cutting-edge design concepts. Together with Gaming, Medicine, Education, Television, E-commerce and VR industry, we believe we can open a whole new market for Digital Scent Technology.

In addition, we have been developing digital scent solutions and other olfactory products. These products can be applied to traditional advertising, food, media, book publishing, home appliances or architecture industry. While we aim to popularize Digital Scent Technology for a better life experience, we will be continuously exploring the widespread use of this technology in the field of cultural life, scientific research, psychological counseling, sports, military, extraterrestrial research, etc.

We Look Forward to Having You Join Us for More Smell Experience

Concept Product

Our concept products provide people with mature and immersive smell experience by utilizing DSP Automatic Control, Odor Reproduction, HIFI Sniffing Device, Odor Detector, Odor Ratio, Digital Sorting System, etc.

1. Splayer XGE Scent Diffuser:

This is an universal version of smart olfactory device.

It can hold 8 different scents.
The device mainly consists of two parts, the host and accessory. Users only need to wear the accessory when using the device.
Suitable for cinemas, museums, etc.

2. Splayer XVR Scent Diffuser:

The inspiration comes from the marine animal Manta Ray.

Weighs about an iPhone.
Contains 6 scents. And the cartridges can be replaced easily, without any professional assistance. Supports Bluetooth and SDK.
Large capacity Li-polymer battery.