Two thousand years ago, the great Chinese poet Qu Yuan compared man’s “virtue” and “evilness” to “aroma” and “odor” in his poem “The Lament”. A thousand years later, poet Fan Zhongyan wrote “during spring weather, the iris and orchids on the banks grow luxuriant and green”. When we read those words, it is as if we could smell the aroma the iris and orchids distribute.

However, the associations we mentioned above come directly from the texts. Though people have been inventing new recording mediums, we are still lacking breakthroughs. For example, we are still not able to smell the scent coming from a distant object: the aroma of the food in the hand of a traveling friend or the flowers in full bloom in another city.

Yet in the “Experience Room” of ScentRealm, the scents and smells will be reproduced breaking the barriers of time and space.

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