About Us

In the world of digital virtualization, people have been trying to virtualize, augment and reproduce the “reality” through VR, AR and MR technology. These technological breakthroughs enable us to extend our sense of touch, hearing, sight and taste so that we could have a better life experience. However, until now, we are missing an important aspect: sense of smell. And that’s why ScentRealm is committed to unveiling the mystery.

Our team is consisted of experts from different professional fields: Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Biotechnology, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Computer Science, Man-Machine Engineering, Information Integration, Industrial Design, etc. We are a bunch of dreamers, explorers and entrepreneurs.

ScentRealm is located beside the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, China.

And we are the first enterprise based in China engaging in Digital Scent Technology and the first global Digital Scent solution provider.